OpenSketch: A Richly-Annotated Dataset of Product Design Sketches

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Lines labeling in a JSON file format

Labeling encoding has the following structure:

        { "strokes_line_types": [
n_1 - n_L are the labels of non-removed strokes. n_i is a number between 0 and 26 encoding line label as folllows:
         0: 'silhouette smooth' 
         1: 'ridges visible' 
         2: 'vallleys visible' 
         3; 'ridges occluded'
         4: 'valleys occluded'
         5: 'discriptive cross sections'
         6: 'axis and grids'
         7: 'scaffolds'
         8: 'scaffolds: lines to VP'
         9: 'scaffolds: square for an ellipse'
        10: 'scaffolds: tangents'
        11: 'surfacing: cross section'
        12: 'surfacing: cross section scaffold'
        13: 'surfacing: mirroring'
        14: 'surfacing: temporary plane'
        15: 'surfacing: projection lines'
        16: 'proportions div. rectangle2'
        17: 'proportions div. rectangle3'
        18: 'proportions div. ellipse'
        19: 'proportions mult. rectangle'
        20: 'hinging and rotating elements'
        21: 'ticks'
        22: 'hatching'
        23: 'text'
        24: 'outline'
        25: 'shadow construction'
        26: 'background'
The labels are described in detail in the paper.


Labeling tool code and executable


The first window looks like this:

First select json file which you want to open: File->Open json... It will load the sketch and display it in the window:

In order to start new labeling, select Labeling->Start strokes labels... In the beginning all the strokes are labelled as text.

In order to load existing labeling, select Labeling->Load strokes labels...

If you have any questions or found something important missing, please contact Yulia Gryaditskaya.